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Eviction Notice Information:

An Eviction Notice is a letter used by a Landlord in order to notify the Tenant of either a lease violation, nonpayment of rent or that the lease will not be renewed.

In certain cases, the property owner or landlord may provide the tenant with a certain number of days to either fix the lease violation or pay the rental amount that is outstanding.

Typically, if the tenants fixes the lease violation or pays the rental amount due within the stated time period the lease will continue as before. However, if the tenant fails to either fix the violation or pay the rental amount then the landlord may file a suit for eviction.

The required amount for the notice time period will vary depending on the lease terms and provisions, as well as what the local laws state. If you are unsure as to the amount of time to provide, it is a good idea to consult the applicable local laws or to speak with a local attorney to determine the minimum notice amount of time you are legally required to provide the tenant. It is important to note that you cannot provide a shorter notice period than required by law or that is specified in the lease agreement.

Once the notice is filled out, it will need to be served upon the tenant. Usually, the notice can be served by delivering it to any adult tenant on the premises or by mail, depending on the terms and provisions of the lease.

Types of Eviction Notices:

  1. Nonpayment of Rent:

A Landlord can use this form when the Tenant has failed to pay the rent due and owing. This notice advises the Tenant to either pay the amount due (which may include late fees and other charges) within the provided time period or to vacate the premises. 

Click here to access this type of eviction notice.

  1. Lease Violation:

This Notice is used when the Tenant violates or breaches a term or provision of the Lease. For example, if the Lease provides for no pets and the Tenant has a pet, etc.… The Landlord can use this notice to provide the tenant a specified amount of time to remedy the lease violation or to vacate the premises.

Click here to access this type of eviction notice.

  1. Non-Renewal of Lease: 

This notice is used when the Lease term is ending, and the Landlord does not want to renew the lease terms.  

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  1. Other:

This notice is used when there is some other issue that needs to be addressed by the Tenant.

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Once you select the type of notice that your particular situation requires it, fill it out in accordance with the instructions provided. The Landlord must then sign and serve the notice. We have also attached a proof of service with each notice type for your convenience, as certain jurisdictions will require proof of service of the notice in the event a suit is file