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Cleaning Service Agreement

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Cleaning Services Agreement Information

A Cleaning Services Agreement is a contact between the Client, who is the person receiving the cleaning services, and the Service Provider or Contractor, the person providing the cleaning services. Typically, the Client is a homeowner, office manager, retail store owner, management company or others. The Service Provider may be an individual or a company who provides cleaning services. The parties agree on the cleaning services and other terms, such as the cleaning schedule, and the compensation in the written agreement.

By having a written contract, the Parties are clear with one another and can communicate their expectations as well. The client can be specific as to what cleaning work they want to have done, how often, as well as other details. This Agreement can be used to schedule regular cleaning help or even for a one-time job.

When looking for a cleaning services provider it is important to look for someone who is honest and hardworking, as they will have access to your personal items if in a residential setting and the same can be said in the office setting. Therefore, it is important to look at various candidates, check references and ensure they are trustworthy. By having everything written down in a Cleaning Services Agreement you ensure that both Parties rights are safeguarded.

The Agreement will contain the following information:

  1. Names of the Parties

  2. Location of where the cleaning services will be provided

  3. How often the cleaning services will be provided and the specific schedule

  4. The cleaning details

  5. Equipment and Expenses

  6. Compensation details.

  7. Confidentiality