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Cleaning Service Agreement (Virginia)

Cleaning Services Agreement Instructions

First Paragraph: Enter the date in the following format: 5th day of June, 2022. Next enter the full name and address of the Client. The Client is the person whose house or office will be cleaned. The Client is receiving the cleaning services. Next enter the full legal name of the Cleaning Service Provider/the Contractor, if the legal name is an LLC or corporation enter the name and state that the company was created in and the address.

Paragraph I: Enter the address where the cleaning services will be provided.

Paragraph 1- Term: Enter the date on which the cleaning services will be commenced/started. Next your Agreement may either end by providing notice or on a specific date. if the agreement will continue without a specific termination date, then enter how many days notice (such as 3, 5 10 or 1 days) will need to be given by either party before terminating this agreement. However, if the Agreement has a specific end date, then enter not applicable by the number of days notice and then enter the end date. 

Paragraph 5-Services Provided: Describe specific maintenance services to be performed. For example:

Three times a week clean front door glass and threshold. Sweep and dust mop all tile floors. Sweep all halls and stairways. Vacuum all carpets and rugs, and spot clean as needed. Empty and clean all ashtrays. Empty all waste containers. Dust all office furniture, telephones, ledges, and woodwork, and all other surfaces within reach. Remove finger marks from both sides of all entrance doors and from all interior doors, walls, woodwork, and partitions. Scrub and disinfect all rest room floors and fixtures. Replace restroom supplies in respective containers. Dust light fixtures. Maintain janitorial room in a neat and orderly condition.

Be specific, if your instructions are long and do not fit into the lines, then enter “please see attached Schedule A” and attach a separate paper listing the instructions.

Paragraph 7:  Enter when and for how long the cleaning services will be provided, for example: every Tuesday from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and every Friday 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Paragraph 10 - Compensation: Enter the amount of the compensation, as well as how the billing will occur. For example, if the rate of compensation is $17 per hour, enter $17 on the first blank line and on the second blank line enter per hour. If the rate is weekly or monthly enter that.

Paragraph 11 – Sales Tax: Place a check and initial by the appropriate selection. If compensation does not include sales tax, place a check and initial by the first option. If compensation includes sales tax, place a check and initial the second option. If you do not want to specify sales tax, place a check and initial the third option. Cross out the other options that you do not select.

Paragraph 12: Enter how often the service provider will be paid, such as monthly, bi-weekly, every two weeks,  or every week.

Paragraph 13 - Retainer: If the Client is required to give a deposit/retainer before works starts, enter that amount here. If no retainer or deposit is required enter? If yes, how much. If no retainer is required, enter zero (0).

Paragraph 14-Expenses: If the Client will reimburse the service provider for any expenses state what expenses will be reimbursed. Examples include, cleaning products, taxi etc.….

If the Client will not reimburse, enter the following on the blank line provided: “Not applicable and Client will not reimburse  the Service Provider tor for any expenses.”

Paragraph 24 -Equipment: Select the appropriate option for you by placing a check or X mark and then initialing the option you wish to select.

Paragraph 36 - Notices: Enter both the Service Provider’s and Client’s contact information on the appropriate lines. Make sure to include an address, email and phone number as to where to send any necessary notices.

Paragraph 38- Governing Law: Enter the State that will govern this Agreement. Typically, this is the state where you reside, or the services are being provided.

Paragraph 40 – Additional Clauses: If there are any additional clauses or information that you want to include, enter that here. Typically, no other clauses are necessary. However, if you do enter additional clauses or information make sure to use clear and concise sentences.

Signature Section: In the line “In Witness whereof…” enter the date that this Agreement is being signed. Enter the date as day, month, year. For example, 8th day of April, 2022.

The Service Provider and Client should then each sign on the appropriate line.

Witnesses are not required, however, it may be a good idea to have the signatures witnesses.