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Social Media Use Agreement

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Parent-Child Agreement Information:

Having children is one of life’s greatest joys, at times it can also be one of life’s most challenging aspects. As parents we are responsible for our children, we must show and teach them how to behave, have good manners, and become responsible adults who contribute positively to society.

One way to ensure that we teach our children responsibility and ability to function, is by creating a Social Media Use Agreement. In a Social Media Use Agreement, the Child agrees, and participates with the Parents, to be conscientious and accountable for the use of social media. By creating a Social Media Use Agreement, you help create a feeling of responsibility, accountability and can be very gratifying, fulfilling and rewarding process for both the parent and the child.

When creating your Social Media Use Agreement its important to include your child in the process of creating the agreement, so that your child can feel included and empowered. You should also customize the document to your child’s age and life-experiences. It is also important to keep the agreement in a prominent place so that all parties are reminded of the agreement and what they agreed to.  We have also provided on the site separate cell phone use and Parent-Child Agreement that may be helpful to