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Pet Custody Agreement

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Pet Custody Agreement Information:

A divorce, separation or a breakup of any relationship is a very difficult time for the people involved. One aspect of the breakup is sifting through purchases and assets and deciding who gets what. One of the more challenging aspects of the breakup or separation is deciding on the custody rights of pets. This can be very hard as each party involved has bonded with the pet and loves the pet as a family member.

Under the law, pets for now are considered property. However, courts are starting to recognize that a pet is not the same as other property, such as a car, jewelry, or furniture. The use of pet custody agreements is increasing as courts begin to recognize that pets are not the same as other property.

A Pet Custody Agreement is a useful document as it can help the parties involved decide and formally write down each person’s rights and responsibilities for the pet post breakup. The Pet Custody Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the owners of the pets, and it covers ownership rights, custody, expenses and what is best for the pet. This agreement can help ease the separation for the parties involved and with minimum conflict. The Pet Custody Agreement takes into account what the pets or animals best interest are and helps create a fair and balanced agreement.

The Pet Custody Agreement can be used by partners who are separating, couples who are divorcing, breaking up, as well as roommates.

A Pet Custody Agreement includes information about the co-owners of the pet, including their names and address, information about the pet, custody rights, visitation schedules, and who is responsible for expenses, as well as other information. Our agreement also allows you to add any other additional terms or information that are important for you to include in this agreement.

When writing the Pet Custody Agreement, it is important for the parties involved to first sit down and consider their personal situations and consider what would be best for the pet. Somethings to take into consideration include what would be best for the physical and emotional health of the pet, where is the safest place for the pet to live and who has time to devote to the pet.

When creating this agreement take into account that both parties should review the document to ensure that all relevant points are covered. All oral agreements and conversations that were agreed to should be included in the agreement. It is best to have everything that is agreed to be expressly stated in this agreement.

Once completed make two copies of the agreement, one for each party involved. The parties should keep their signed copies in a safe place. It is up to the parties to decide whether they want to have the agreement witnessed or notarized, though neither is required, it is recommended.