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Letter of Recommendation

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Letter of Recommendation Information:

A Letter of Recommendation is a letter written on behalf of an applicant by someone who is familiar with their work and can vouch for them. Typically, letters of recommendation are used when someone is applying for a new job or when an applicant is being considered for admission to a school or a program of some sort.

Recommendation letters are useful in that they provide personal insight about the applicant and help highlight the applicant's abilities and strengths. Having a strong letter of recommendation can help the applicant obtain the job or position they need.

Letters of Recommendation will usually contain information about who the writer of the letter is, how you know the applicant and what the strengths and abilities of the applicant are, in other words why you are recommending that person. Its best to provide specific personal example of situations about the kind of person, worker or student the applicant is.

We provide you with a Business Letter of Recommendation, where the applicant is applying for a new job, as well as an Academic Letter of Recommendation, where a teacher, professor or counselor is recommending the student applicant for either a scholarship or entrance to a school. Click here to access the Academic Letter of Recommendation.