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Lease Application

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Residential Lease Application Information

A lease application is an application in which a potential tenant fills out in order for a landlord to make a determination of whether to rent the property to this tenant or not.

The rental application includes information such as- employment history, rental history, and other personal information. The Property Owner then uses this information, at times in conjunction with a consumer report-a credit check or an investigative consumer report (as referred to in state of California) to determine whether or not the potential tenant is suitable to rent the apartment.

Usually, a non-refundable fee is required with the application, which is typically equal to the fee incurred by the Landlord for running the consumer report.

Based on the screening information, the Landlord may then approve or reject the tenant. If approved, then a formal lease agreement will be signed. If rejected, the tenant will then receive a rejection letter outlining how the tenant may obtain a free copy of their consumer report.

The Landlord should attach to the rental application a Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure, which can be found by clicking here.

Other names: Rental Application, Lease Application or Rental Lease Application.