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Child Travel Consent (South Dakota)

Minor Travel Consent Instructions

To watch a video with step-by-step instructions click below:

First Paragraph:  Enter the names of the parents or legal guardian and then enter your address.

Section I – Children’s Information: Enter the information of the child/children who will be traveling as prompted for.  If the child is traveling internationally, enter the passport information. If not traveling internationally, you can enter Not Applicable on the passport line.

Section II – Travel Information and Consent: In this section you will enter the name of the child[ren] traveling, where your child[ren] are traveling to, the dates of travel and with whom they are traveling. You can enter the name of the adult and the relationship to the child whom they will be traveling with and that person’s address, if they are traveling with an organization/camp enter their full legal name and address in subsection i.

If travelling internationally fill out subsection ii, enter the name and passport number of the person the child is traveling with in the second paragraph.

If only one parent is traveling with the child fill out subsection iii.  Enter the traveling parent’s name, passport number, country of issue and date issued.

If the child is traveling alone - fill out section b. Travel Alone. Enter the child[ren]’s name, location of travel to, and dates of travel.

If any section is not applicable, write in N/A or cross out.

Subsection c: Enter any allergies or medical conditions of the child[ren] that are important to know for traveling purposes. Be specific as to which child has what.  Be aware this form does not give consent to provide medical care. You will need to fill out a Minor Medical Consent Form for that purpose.

Section III – Parent/Guardian Contact Information:  Enter the contact information for the parent(s) or guardian giving the consent. Enter both a primary and secondary phone number, if possible.

Section IV – Signature[s]:  Enter the date of signing. Enter the date in day, month, year format. For example, 7th day of June, 2022.  Then enter the city and state that you reside in. It is best to have this document notarized, though not required. If you are notarizing this document, sign it in front of the notary and print your name. The notary acknowledgement page follows the signature page.